SRK provides engineering services for IT wired and wireless internet communications systems for any size facility, including Media Production, Broadcasting, Radio and TV Transmission facilities, Corporate Offices, Hospital Systems, Government Systems, Police, Fire, Ambulance services. These systems include wired IP, RF, Fiber and Wireless Broadband Licensed and Unlicensed transmission systems for local and wide area broadcasting and communications systems.

Media Technology Consulting



Our technology and telecommunications experts can provide consulting services to enable your company to integrate the latest and most innovative technologies to enter new markets with your products and services and maximize your investments to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Managment/Leadership Consulting



We offer leadership management coaching to enable your team to provide exceptional team results through the practice of leadership actions. We can teach your team to be top leaders who are respected and admired by their peers, associates, employees and customers

Sales Training



Our Sales and marketing teams can help your company to achieve sales targets and close deals.

Drone Operations



SRK Media LLC provides drone services for a wide variety of industries.  Aerial Video and Photography for sales and marketing, Property Inspections and Technical Inspections.   Rory O'Donoghue, co-founder and COO is a FAA certified and Licensed Commercial Drone Pilot.  SRk Media LLC can work with your team for pre flight planning, obtaining FAA waivers and assessment of sight conditions.