WorldCast Systems/WorldCast Connect


KYBIO is a centralized end-to-end monitoring and control software that transforms how you oversee all your IP connected devices, facilities, and infrastructures.

Whether you are overseeing broadcast or media operations, smart buildings, smart industries, or a digitized healthcare institute, KYBIO is a new generation of monitoring software that can help you address your key challenges and provide actionable insights.




ECRESO offers a range of solutions for broadcasters and operators:

Fully digital Ecreso FM transmitters for analog FM, Ecreso broadcast transmitters come in a cutting-edge, compact yet modular design in powers ranging from 100W to 10kW.


Emergency Solar FM transmitter for fast and easy broadcasting deployment in harsh environments.

Ecreso Switch Controller for radio & TV antenna switches at RF transmitter sites.

WorldCast Systems, with its ECRESO range, brings to the market over six decades of RF experience and the best solutions in terms of Total Cost of Ownership, reliability, and user experience.


IP Codecs & Secure Transport

APT has over 30 years of expertise delivering exceptional audio quality on a solid, reliable platform. Hundreds of prestigious radios and broadcasters like the BBC World Service, NHK in Japan or RTL in France trust us to transport their audio streams during outdoor broadcasts or between their studio and broadcasting sites such as the Eiffel Tower. 

In addition to customers in the broadcast field, APT also serve the Professional Audio community and other businesses in need of a top quality broadcast solution. Our current range of IP audio codecs and our remote solution for live audio/video streaming continue to lead the field with the same level of commitment to quality, reliability and innovation we have always shown.